Big Move?

I cannot believe how busy we've been this month of September. It seems a lot of things have been happening but I'm not complaining. Just a bit tired. Most of it is good though so I'm happy. I just went through the final phase of something I've been working on the last few months so I can scratch that off my list. I still have one major thing to accomplish but that one may take a little while longer than the one I just finished simply because I need more preps for that.

The above mentioned are just the personal stuff going on with me...we also have some family stuff going on right now. The biggest of which may be a move somewhere out of state. Nothing is definite yet but we're definitely getting ready for it by doing our research. We've started looking for properties everywhere. Everytime we find one, we also do some related searches like services around the area. Aside from work related services, we also want to make sure other services like termite control or any other pest control for that matter is something available if ever we'll have a need for it. Termite control phoenix is one of the services I have come across with so far in and around that area. When looking for a company that provides home services, I always like to go with those that have been in business for years. This pest control company has been in business for almost half a century. I think that longevity speaks for itself. So if ever we choose AZ as our next state of residence, I know with pest control company to look for.

I know it's going to be months, maybe even years, before we move but we like to be prepared. This is the reason why we do the research well ahead of time. I just hope that if and when that move happens, everything will go as smoothly as possible. If only in my dreams, eh?


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