Scenic Ride

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, the 'highlight' of our North GA trip was probably the train ride we took on our second day there. The ride itself took only an hour one way but the 'scenic ride' lasted for about 4 hours. That's because we had a short tour around the border of GA and TN when we got off the train. There wasn't much to see there actually but some old [and new] shops that sold souvenirs to tourists [like us].

This is the actual train we took....

Since there's is not a lot of 'scenes' to take pictures of at the train depot, we decided to take pics of the line/border of the 2 states. Here's that 'line' that separates the states of GA and TN.

I guess I can say that we also went to Tennessee during that trip, eh? We also crossed the bridge that separates the 2 states...

The train ride we took while we were there was not the only scenic ride we had. The car rides in and around the cities we visited were scenic rides as well. Let me just say first that if your idea of 'scenic' is that of bright lights or big buildings, this is NOT that kind. This is mostly 'country scene'....trees, water or nature as we know it.

This is mostly what we saw while driving....

We also have this where we live but we don't get to see it much. It's probably one of our favorite things to see when we're out just cruising around. Hubby said it's 'serene'...and I couldn't agree more.

Another thing we saw a lot of while we were driving around was this...

Water. Rivers. Lakes. Ponds. Running water. This was alongside the road so we had to stop to take it in. Actually there were a lot of people along this one. Some were 'tubing' while some were just like us, relaxing. The water is so clear you can actually see what's at the bottom...although the water is not that deep.

One of things that made this road trip relaxing is the lack of traffic congestion during the drive. Not a single jam. That's the HUGE difference between the road trip we took in the Philippines in April and this one. Mind you, there are a lot of road constructions going along the way as well but that didn't hold us up. Yes the roads here are probably wider but it can also be because of disciplined drivers as well as organized road works. Oh well...I guess that's one of the things I won't miss back home, the unending traffic jams. I think it's something that will not be solved in the foreseable future.


Ciela said…
I love the last scenery, Huling! Really relaxing. Ewan ba bakit sobrang in-love ako sa bodies of water especially if the water is crystal clear. Nice pa ung bridge. Sarap mag-picnic!
Relaxing talaga ang road trip pag walang traffic. Walang makakatalo sa MetroManila pag dating dyan! Agree ako 100% with you, di pa kasi pinapanganak ang makaka-solve ng traffic jam dito. Lol!

I hope you have a lovely day. Tc!
HONEY said…
Hello Ate J. Gusto k rn mag road trip. type ko yng mga ganyan outing.. :)

Ate I have something to tell you. I am very happy now. as in very very... hehehe...

Love and missed yah!

Lynn said…
Hello Mommy J,

Now ko lang nakita ang comment mo. Long time no hear eh? Hehe.

Pumunta ba kamo kayo sa Blue Ridge? Blue Ridge Parkway ba? Dito yan sa amin eh. We went there in autumn last year.

And agree ako dito sa post mo. Since I got here, dami na rin kaming road trips na ganito. At mapamangha ka talaga sa ganda ng nature. You should see Chimney Rock. We went there on my bday at ang ganda. (",)

Anyway, nice to hear from you. All is well in my end. Hope in your end too. Ingats!
Lynn said…
Mommy J,

Dito kami sa NC. Mainit nga raw diyan sa Florida. Mas mainit rin ang GA compared here.

I thought sa Blue Ridge Parkway na. Ganda rin don. Isa yun sa tourist destinations here.

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