Fall is in the Air!

Definitely. It may not be as cold [or should I say 'cool'] as it is in some states but I can definitely feel the cooler temps early in the morning when I send the husband off to work. During the day, well, it's still summer temps. This is the sunshine state so what do I expect, right? Oh well...

Anyhooo...I got a wee bit busy the past several days with appointments. That explains why I wasn't able to blog much. I wish I can say work is the reason for the lack in posts but it's not. I really have no clue as to when we'll get busy at work. There is just no sign that will happen anytime soon. It's still a clear sign that our economy is still in the pits. Not even all these political ads saying that our economy is much better from from 4 or even 5 or 6 years ago will and can convince me otherwise. Why? Because 4 years ago, work was consistent. If the economy is better, then work would be as consistent if not better, right? I am not being political here. Just stating some obvious things in my own perspective.

Oh well. I don't really want to dwell on these things because it doesn't make my day any better. I just wish things will turn around soon. Fingers crossed.


J said…
mga pulitiko wala yun at hanggang rhetorics lang ang drama nila. ang hirap mamili kung sino ang iboboto.

Tuks silipin mo email mo, mabilis pa ako sa alas-kwatro hahaha.

hope your day is going well.

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