Shopping is a Pain Sometimes

We spent our weekend going around trying to find some things I need for this week's appointment. We ended up getting something else...which kinda changes the whole game so to speak. I thought we would only be out looking on Saturday. Wrong. Because of what we bought on Saturday, we had to go out yesterday to find something that will match what we got on Saturday. Did we find it? Sorta. We still need to get something else for Why today? Because the appointment is tomorrow.

It almost always happens this way. We'd go out to look for something. We'd come back with something else and not what we planned in getting. Ugh! In this case, what we got changed the whole dimension thus the extra trip this afternoon. I'm not complaining because it's for me. But part of me is saying I don't really need it. I have what I need. I just wanted something small to add to it. But that's what happens when you go shopping with somebody. In my case a 'personal stylist' who I must admit has a better taste than me. That's why I can't say no most of the time.

Anyway, I'm keeping everything crossed that we'll find what we're looking for this afternoon....provided we don't get sidetracked again.


J said…
tumpak ka dyan sa title mo Tuks. although, you have to admit, it's fun. or baka si M at E ang dapat mag-admit hahaha.

I think I know what your appointment could be today. alam mo na may crystal ball ako (LOL). hope it went well.

enjoy the rest of your Martes.

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