Backyard Bird Watching

That's what we do around here. We get a lot of different birds hanging out in our backyard every single day. It's something normal around here that's why a lot of our neighbors have bird feeders as well as bird baths in their backyard. We did put a feeder for hummingbirds at one point but we had to take it down when the gutters were put in. Some of the birds that we regularly see here are hummingbirds, robins, blue jays, ibis, woodpeckers, sparrows, crows.

We also have a couple of guinea fowls, one of which shows up daily that we named it already and calls it our pet. But our most favorite to watch has to be this...

It's a hawk. There are 2 of them that come in our yard everyday...lunch time. Fortunately, we have lunch at the same time so I get to watch them 'eat' their lunch while I have my lunch. It's amazing how sharp their eyes are because they usually sit on a branch preying for worms on the ground..then boom! I'll just see them swoop down to take a nip at the poor worms.

Every morning when I do my hula hooping in the back porch, these birds keep me company as well. I try to listen in as they 'communicate' with each other. Fascinating to say the least. I just wish I can speak 'bird'...then I wouldn't have to wonder if they're actually talking about me....


Ciela said…
Wow, lots of birds! Ang saya! Siguro kung ako ang nakatira dyan, wala akong magagawa kundi magbird-watching na lang maghapon. hahaha..

How nice to see birds that come and stay close to you. Thrilled ako talaga! Got same experience long ago in Australia. Dami din birds of different colors. Ayun, di ko sila makalimutan. Amazed pa rin ako! hehe..

Musta na summer dyan? Dito heavy rains na. Sana lang walang flood. Have a good day, Huling!

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