High Class?

Or just a show-off?

So I have this 'friend' in FB that keeps on posting pics that rub me the wrong way. I know 'to each his own'. But sometimes I can't help but wonder and ask 'why'? So yes you can afford them but do you really have to post every single handbag, shoes, and what nots on a social networking site? They're not just ordinary purses...they're LV or Guccis and some other really expensive stuff. Aside from that, she also posts ALL the 'high-end' [she calls them 'for the rich and famous'] restaurants that they go to...complete with some shots of the restos name as well as the menu with prices and all. There are times when I'm so close in commenting: Enough already! We know you have the moolah to afford all these...but can you please stop now?

Anyway, I know it's none of my business but [again] I just can't help it sometimes. She can post anything she wants since it's her wall but I just wish she also posts something else. Well she does actually. She's a nurse here, an RN I believe. She works for a nursing facility but I've never seen her posts any picture of her in a nursing garb. The pictures of herself that she posts are the ones where she's wearing her 'sosyal' clothes...and a lot of her wearing 'swimming' clothes. The thing is...she's never in the water swimming in any of the pictures. It's like she's wearing those bikinis for photo opps only...not swimming. Seriously. C'mon! Contrary to what your so-called FB friends say...you're not sexy. Sorry.

'Nuff said...


J said…
Here...waving at u. :-) talaga naman at 4 d rich and famous huh? As far as I know, mahirap mag-paka-RN (2 ate ko, and they have both successfully gotten out of the RN usual clinical practice na shifting and all d 'works'.) money does not come easy, kailangan work hard sila and work a lot 2 make a lot para maging 'rich and famous'.

Cool sistah, madami sila sa mundo. Watch n lang tayo hahah.

Enjoy ur myerkoles :-) .

Ciela said…
Hahaha.. hala ang puso mo, Huling.. ingatan! Baka tumaas ang high blood! Lol!

Same here, makiki-watch na lang sa kanila. hehe..

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