Box Made It!

I sent a box back home a couple of months ago. It made it safe and sound. Eversince I started sending boxes I've only used one shipping company. It changed its name a couple of times I believe but the people that run it are still the same...I think. At least the guy that comes to our house is the same guy. Anyway, the name of the company is UMAC. And no, they're not paying me to advertise. It's just that I've read quite a few grievances either in blogs or on FB about boxes not making it to their destination either on time or at all. I even read one [or maybe two, three?] complaints saying their boxes took 6 months to make it 'home'. Really? Did I just get lucky with my carrier? Probably. Anyway, if you haven't tried this company, please do. Just do a search for the name and their info will come up. As for my family is already having fun with what's in it. I hope.


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