Some Updates

Wow...I haven't been updating in days. It's just that there's not much to blog about. Things have been slow on my end and since I usually blog about my day to day life, there's not much to post.

The weather lately has been unpredictable. So what else is new, right? Even our local weather people are confused sometimes that their forecasts are totally amiss on certain days. That's what happened not too long ago when they predicted it's going to rain and it didn't. When there was no rain in the forecast, it rained.

With that being said, it's the rainy season now so we've been getting rain here quite regularly now. Hurricane season also started recently. I am hoping and praying that it's not going to be any worse than last year. For the past several years, the hurricane season has been pretty mild and I can hope it continues to be that way.

Anyway, we've been spending our weekends cooped up at home. We just don't have that urge to go anywhere so we just spend our free days either watching TV or hanging out in the back porch. When we're in the back porch I usually hula hoop while the hubs and I chat. The little one is usually on her swing or with us but doodling on her Nintendo DS making her little 'motion pictures'. Last weekend, we just realized that we've been living in this house for almost 5 years now. Hubby cannot remember the exact date [nor can I] so I decided to dig through my blog posts to find that one specific post...and I found it. Yep, we moved in here on June 22, we still have a couple of weeks before we hit the 5-year mark. So far so good. We like it here a lot because the neighborhood is very quiet and generally peaceful. The only downer is it's also been 5 years since we moved out of the old house and up until now, we still haven't sold it. There's not much we can do about it but bear the burden of paying 2 houses. I can only hope and pray that the housing market gets better or that we win the lottery. Hmmm....the way it is [with the housing market and all], it looks like we have a better chance of winning the lottery than selling that other house. Dream on....haha....


Ciela said…
Hello Huling! It's been quite a while since the last visit here. Medyo dami ng na-miss. Can't believe 5 years na pala kayo dyan sa present house nyo. I already remember having read this old post of yours, pero wa-appear pa ang name-sung ko sa mga comments that time. Newbie blogger kasi, may hiya factor pa sa comments. hehe..

Ako dito, busy sa mga back logs sa trabaho sa bahay. Kahit pa I don't feel 100% well pa rin, I have to face the music, otherwise matatabunan ako dito. Lol!

TGIF na naman! Have a great one!

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