We Made It!!!!

home sweet home topper

It was one tiring day...but we are H-O-M-E..!!!! We used a lot of 'timing' but we survived and we are spending our first night in our new home!

The house is in chaos but we're here and that's all that matters...for now. The husband and the little one are both in lala land right now...and here I am in the blogesphere updating my blog. Ha! A true blue 'blogger' eh?

I am actually sitting on the floor right now as I find my recliner uncomfortable....hehe.

I will be signing off here for now. I just wanted to update everyone who so kindly asked how we're doing. I may not be able to take a peek here tomorrow as it's going to be one busy day for me.

Thanks for the messages and comments and the visits of course. It's very much appreciated!

Thank you


Weng Zaballa said…
wow! you finally moved to your new house... congrats!
Anonymous said…
Finally for you! that's great! So exciting to be in a new home. Good luck and God bless!

Best wishes from Ailecgee.
Gorgeous MUM said…
congrats! finally . . . you're in! how does it feel! it compensates all the pain of moving, wasn't it?

i'm glad the horror of moving is over! it's now the hassle of putting things in place. but at least you're there now.

you'll surely be busy in the next few days, or even weeks. take your time, the house is yours!

take care!
Anonymous said…
finally, the moving is over. i wish you good luck in your new crib. so how was the first night?

god bless the new home and your family.

good morning mommy J.
Jean Marie said…
teehee! congrats! at last you've moved to your new house na! yeah, tiring talaga ang naglilipat.
take care, sis!
honey said…
Hi ate J. I am with you celebrating the excitement and Joy of having a new HOME..
mjsterling said…
wow congrats mommy Jul, you finally move to ur house na..for sure marami kang dapat e ayos nyan..pero bilib ako sayo ha kasi na manage mo pang mag blogging kahit pagod ka for sure...niways Happy Monday nalang sayo at family mo..tc always mwaaaah!
Anonymous said…
hoop..hoop...hurraaay...for you. ;):) You made it to. I'm so proud of you. Medyu hinay hinay ka kanyan. Namnaman me ing bawu na ning bayung bale. Congratulations.!!!!!
Sweetiepie said…
Congrats! glad to hear you finally moved to your new home!!!
Unknown said…
Congratulations and well done Jul! Now the fun part, decorating! That's what I like about moving in to a new house. You can start all over again on decorating. Again, congratulations!
Anonymous said…
yahoooo! this is great! it's ok kahit pagod, at least andiyan na kayo. lahat ng gamit niyo nalipat ninyo? ang galing! walang movers ha.

on to the painful task of putting things in order. but take your time, di naman tatakbo mga gamit eh.

hope that bank thing will be settled soon.

take it easy and enjoy your first night tonight! let me know how it feels being in a new place altogether.
SHIELA said…
Finally. Congrats Mommy Juls.

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