When we decided to work on our flower beds in front of the house we chose 2 flowering plants that we thought would be perfect there -  gardenia [rosal] and hydrangea. Both the husband and I like their flowers so we went and got them at a local nursery. Both had flowers when we planted them and they looked lovely on our flower bed. But that only lasted for one flowering season because they started deteriorating after that. Instead of uprooting them and returning to the nursery [they had 1 year warranty], we decided to move them in the backyard. That was a good move because both survived. But it took a couple of years for both to have flowers again. I watched them every year [for a couple of years] waiting for flowers to show up. This year is my lucky year because they both have flowers. Well, the gardenia had the flowers first a few weeks ago which I of course posted here. This time around, it's my hydrangea's time to shine...ha! So...here it is...

I've been watching these flowers for weeks now. It takes a while for them to bloom but they're really pretty once they do. This morning I couldn't wait any longer so I took a snap at the ones which started to show colors already. There are 3 [maybe more] buds. I'm hoping they all bloom at the same time but that's not possible so I'll settle with the just 3 for now.


J said…
Eto ha ako'y bumalik kasi d 2 comments that I wrote eh mukhang hindi nag register. I didn't get d usual your comment.....ekek.

Btw, this is lovely! Pwedeng hair accessory ng aking pamangkin kasi fiiiiiiink.

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