Where Next

A few months ago, somebody in this household was so into looking for properties in a state a few hours drive from where we are. We took a couple of trips there to check on some promising properties. Unfortunately, the ones that he liked were either sold already or are too remote from civilization. So what's the next logical step to take? Look at properties in other places like the real estate in jacksonville nc which is not that far away from where we are. That's what exactly he's been doing in the last couple of months. We even planned another road trip a few weeks ago this time to North Carolina, of course. The little one got a bit excited but it was cut short because the one property worth driving for [7 hours?] was sold even before we could get to see it in person. Now we're back to the drawing board so to speak. But with work getting busy, I don't see us going anywhere that far in the near future...unless he finds 'that' one ideal property he's been searching for.


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