Dad's Father's Day Present

This is one of the drawings that the little one handed the man of her life on Father's Day. She made several drawings but this is my favorite by far. I was actually the one that encouraged [pushed???] her to give caricature a try. I googled pictures to show her and looked for 'how to videos' on caricaturing. She liked the idea but she's not really 'sold' to it. As the days went by she just did what she does best....draw characters that she likes a lot...chipmunks mostly. I was fine with it and didn't push her anymore in doing a caricature for Dad. She pretty much finished her gifts for Dad before the Father's Day weekend.

Then on Saturday [the day before FD] when she was supposed to be cleaning in her bedroom she came out with this caricature drawing of Dad. I just started laughing and told her it's perfect [I'm the MOM so I'm allowed to praise her to high heavens] and to me it is perfect. I grabbed one of the empty frames and put it there. I guess my last minute pitch worked. For the record, she drew the caricature in minutes. She was in the middle of cleaning her bookshelf when I went in her bedroom to remind her to prepare her gifts for Dad. That's when I mentioned the caricature again...hoping she'd decide to make one...and she did. I'm literally amazed how fast she did it and how good it came out.


Ciela said…
Can you please allow me to praise her to high heavens too?! Grabeh! That pretty girl is truly oozing with talents! Galing mag-drawing! Anu ba yan, gising na gising talaga si E nung nagpasabog ng blessings of talent si God! Sambot nya lahat eh! Share naman! Lol! I'm sure, sobrang saya nung daddy!

Btw, salamat sa blessings from Florida. Great surprise talaga! It's up in my latest post. Endless thanks!
J said…
here... napadaan lang just waving to say hello!!!! walang magawa hihi.

gud nyt.

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