Summer it is!

Indeed! Even it won't be official until the 21st, the temperatures are stating otherwise. The lowest we get nowadays is in the mid-70s already. The highest? Too high to even mention. Ugh. I can only watch in envy as our neighbors dip in their pool almost daily now. Mind you, they do it at night because it's way too hot to do it during the day. The pools in our neck of the wood don't really need a raypak heater to keep the water warm because mother nature does it already. Anyway, even if I it gets very hot here we don't have any plans of having a pool ourselves. We tried the above the ground pool a few years ago when we were still in the other house and we didn't like all the work that came with maintaining it. We'd rather go to our local clubhouse and take a dip there when we get the urge to swim instead of having a pool of our own. Maybe when we hit the lottery and we can hire someone to do the job for us. Ha!


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