Nice Day Out

Don't hate now...but it's absolutely gorgeous outside right now. I know other parts of the country are having some major problems with the snow and all but I just can't ignore the nice day we're having here today. It wasn't always like this though because we had some not so good weather at the start of this week. Granted it's not as bad as other states, it's still not the ideal weather in our neck of the weeds. And right now, weeds are all we have in our yard. We have a few of our plants still surviving but majority of them are either in hibernation already or half-dead. What's half-dead? Well, our princess flower plant is exactly that. The left part is still greenish but the right part of it is totally brown. It's because the left side was the part that's hit by the cold blast of air and somehow protecting the right part of the plant. Our maple tree was tricked last week with the warm weather so it started budding leaves then it got cold again. Now the little leaves are almost gone. Talk about being punked, eh?

I am hoping we'll have nice weather tomorrow as well. We may finally be able to ride our bike. They're loaded and locked and ready to go but with the unpredictable weather we just haven't had the chance to go biking. We should have done it last Sunday but we decided to walk around the mall instead. Hopefully the weather tomorrow or on Sunday will be a good day for biking. Fingers crossed!


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