It Happens...

Yep, the day we all wait for...week in, week out. Monday...errr...FRIDAY I mean. Woot!

Today is extra special. It's my big daddy's birthday! Yep, the man of the house is celebrating his birthday today...and he's busy, very busy at work. In other words it's just a regular day for the birthday boy. As usual he has to be reminded that his birthday is this Friday ~ which is today ~ by our little one. What else is new. When she said goodnight to him last night she told him that she's very excited for today. if it's her birthday. She's always like that and we adore her for being the sweet little girl that she is. But she got me thinking two days ago when she said that after Dad's birthday, it's going to be her birthday. Hmm...technically it's true but it's more than a month away from today. Can it be that she's using his birthday to remind us of her birthday? we'll ever forget her birthday. It also made me think that the reason she's excited for my birthday is probably because it's kinda' close to Christmas! Ha!

Anyway, it's almost the weekend. Hubs already told me he may have to work this weekend. That means no plans for us to go anywhere. But we'll see. Maybe I can drag him to take us to dinner either tomorrow or Sunday night. You celebrate his birthday!

Have a good weekend everyone.


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