Can't live with them, can't live without them? Is that how it goes? How can you run away from family drama? I guess you can't? That's my take on it anyway because family is family no matter what. We try to stay away from the drama as much as we can but sometimes we get calls from family asking for some sort of help which in turn kinda' drag us into the to speak.  Anyway, not too long ago a brother in law called out of the blue asking if we know an old friend's contact info and if we know of any lawyers we can recommend. Mind you we haven't heard from him in least a couple of years then boom! Still hubby tried to get him what he wanted. We haven't had a lot of dealings with lawyer, thankfully, but we did an internet search and found this website so we sent the link to him. Hopefully they'll be able to help him with his current troubles. Sometimes I can't help but wonder why some of these so-called relatives only remember to get in touch when they need something. I guess that's the reality of life for some, eh?


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