Going with the Flow...

That's the little one's newest teddy bear. Normally Dad gets us candies/chocolates for Valentine's day. This year he saw this cute toy and got it for his little princess. In fairness, if he saw this teddy bear on any given day he would have gotten it anyway for her because he knows how much she loves pink and purple. He doesn't wait for an occasion to get her what he thinks she will like. It just so happens that these types of toys are only put on store shelves on certain occasion.

Anyway, the little one is of course thrilled to be the recipient of this present. She put those pink spectacles on it right away just because it matches the bear. When it was time for her to do her school work, as you can see, she sat it down on the table making it appear like it's studying along with her. Yep, she's still very much like a little child who plays quite a bit during her free time and sometimes, even when she's working.

What did I get you might ask? A box of chocolate and a card. Those are the staples on a day like this one. As usual, I wasn't the one that opened the box to have the first bite. It's the little one. Can you guess who?


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