Season 10 of American Idol

The popular show premiered last night but I didn't watch it. I haven't been watching it regularly since, maybe, 3rd season.

One of the reasons I don't watch it anymore is this...

Honestly, it gets me anyway. Some may still find it 'funny' but I just don't anymore. I still watch bits & pieces of it when the top 24 [or is it 36 now?] starts performing. But I don't sit through the whole thing anymore.


J said…
I'm not even aware that the season started already.ganun ako ka detach just like I've always been. blame it on the fact na hindi talaga ako mahilig sa TV.

hope your week is going great.
Lynn said…
naaaliw rin ako watching this before, mommy J pero like u, parang nagsawa na rin ako katagalan. i start watching lang pag malapit na ang finals. ;)
Ciela said…
Nag-start na pala dyan? Dito, about to start pa lang, next week yata. Not sure though. he he.
Am not a regular follower too.

Btw, wala akong na-view sa video mo Huling. I have no idea it it's my laptops problem.

Happy weekend!

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