The Doodler & Her Doodles....

These are only a few of the little one's early 'doodles' using her very first Magna Doodle and I posted about it in May of 2009. Like I said in that earlier post, this little gadget has been her companion for most of her free time so I felt I owed it to the maker of the gizmo to at least acknowledge it in a post.

The little one really likes to doodle. We've been told she has good hands which she probably took after me. NOOOOTTTT!!! In all honesty, I cannot draw a circle that would look like one even if my life depended on it. I just DON'T have it.

Anyway, that old Magna Doodle has been retired for a few months now. We got her a replacement about a year ago....and then some.

She has 5 different kinds now...4 of which are 'relatives' of the Magna Doodle. She now has a Glow Doodle, a Globe Doodle, a mini-Magna Doodle and the regular Magna Doodle. The Glow Doodle replaced the Magna Doodle for a while but she's slowly going back to her 'first love'. The Globe Doodle....she only uses it once in a while but she's starting to like it I think. The mini-doodle, that's her 'purse doodle' as she likes to call it. She walks around with it.

Her latest one is not a Magna Doodle relative...but I think it came before it...the Etch a Sketch. She's just learning how to manipulate it but she's getting the hang of it. Dad said he used to have one of those when he was younger. I guess that toy is an ANTIQUE then, eh? LOL...

That's the little artist we have in our midst. Every chance she gets, she draws. Hopefully she'll continue to do so. I think it's a great outlet and enhances her creativity. Yay or Nay? I would say: YAY!


Ciela said…
Hi Huling! If you're not into arts, for sure E's artistic talent came from her Dad. Tama ba ako? Ang husay naman ng kamay nya! Ano ba?.. si Erica lang yata ang gising nung magpasabog ng ganda at talent ang Diyos? ha ha ha!

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