It's no secret that I try not to indulge much on shoes. Yes, I do like shoes just like every other woman out there but I'm content in just looking at them. Some willpower I have, eh? So what makes me walk away? The pairs of shoes I already have that I have only worn once or twice. I feel guilty about grabbing another pair knowing I have other pairs I'm not even using. Right now though I am this close in buying me a pair of womens boots. That's the only kind of shoes I don't have so I kinda' have that feeling that it's 'justified' if I get me a pair. The last time I had a pair of boots was when I was still teaching in Taiwan. It can get pretty cold there during the winter time so a pair or two of warm boots are always needed. The only thing holding me back in getting me a pair of boots now is the kind of weather we have here. It's the Sunshine state and it's summer like for the most part so I feel like I won't be able to use them anyway. But then again...when we went to the mall last weekend, I saw a bunch of women wearing boots....thigh high boots even. Hmm...there's my reason! LOL...


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