Dream Car Talk

As a young girl, my siblings and I talked about a lot of our dreams when we grow up. We talked about dream jobs, dream house even our dream place to live in. What we didn’t talk much about was our dream cars. That’s probably because we never had a car while we were growing up so it was never part of the usual conversation. But if ever we talked about it, I’m pretty sure we will be unison when we say our dream car would have to be a Mercedes-Benz [like a Mercedes-Benz C 300, maybe] because it’s the most popular brand back then. Also, it’s the ‘rich people’s’ car from where we grew up from so it’s kind of automatic I guess to dream about it. Mercedes Benz was so popular back then that people even came up with a nickname for it...'chedeng'. Ask anybody from the Philippines what a 'chedeng' is and I'm pretty certain they'll say it's Mercedes Benz.

Today, I do have a dream car...but with the emphasis on the word 'dream' since it's very possible I'll only have it in my dreams. And what car or cars would that be? Well, either a Ferrari or an aston martin. Now, that’s really dreaming big, eh? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an aston martin car in person actually. The ferrari, I think I’ve seen a couple of them on the road while we were driving but I haven't seen one up close and personal. Oh, another place where I've also seen them are in the car shows on tv that the husband watches regularly. As for hubby’s dream car, it’s not as expensive as the ones I want. He said he wants to have the chevrolet camaro. I guess I’m the more expensive one in this household, eh? But it’s just a dream car…and since it’s free to dream, I can choose the most expensive car I want, right?


Nancy Janiola said…

I dream big too and more often than not to those things I know I can only afford should I win the lottery jackpot, hahahah!
Nancy Janiola said…
it's okay to just post it Mommy J. no pressure, hehe.

nagha-hibernate lang din ng medyo may katagalan but i'm all up to blogging again. inspired uli kasi bumalik na yung PR, hehe. sayang din yung opps.

with 15 pounds shredded, di biro yun! pahirapan ng sobra sa sarili, hahaha but it feels good. goal ko talaga to lose at least another 15 more pounds. sana lang makayanan -:)

enjoy the weekend too!

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