Lose Weight!

In as much as I want to me that my New Year's resolution [again? & again?], I have to pass on this one...but many people still choose that as their new year's resolution as it is the MOST famous this year...and probably the year before that...and before that. So besides 'losing weight', what are the other 'more' famous resolutions that people aim for year in and year out...
from Yahoo.com.

Most Popular New Year's Resolutions of 2011

1. Lose weight (1,057 votes)
2. Be happy (684 votes)
3. Save money (636 votes)
4. Fall in love (554 votes)
5. Get a job (515 votes)
6. Read more (433 votes)
7. Eat, drink, try or learn something new (378 votes)
8. Quit Smoking (345 votes)
9. Take a photo every day for a year (266 votes)
10. Run a marathon (255 votes)


Pete said…
I cannot lose anymore weight....I am to skinny. LOL!
Ciela said…
For those 10 popular New Year's Resolutions, I think I'll cast my vote to #3- Save money. Can't afford to do #1- Lose weight. Ay naku, baka wala na matira sa katawan ko! ha ha..

Sige Huling, get your ticket now and get this gift. It'll wait for you!
J said…
what a list! # 5 kaya ang pick ko hahaha. madalas pag bored ako, I think about it. but I'm rarely bored kasi lagi akong tulog (lol).

happy new year Huling (nakiki Huling na rin lol). here's wishing you a happy,healthy and prosperous 2011!

we're on another snow storm alert. mukhang maghuhukay na naman kami.buhay talaga. kung pwede lang sanang ilipat ang Wall Street. labo ko no?

have a great start of the weekend!

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