Blogger & IE 9 Beta


Just don't go together. Eversince I downloaded it I can not just..just post something. I have to keep changing the 'compatibility view' so I can change fonts, colors, etc...and then post. It will only publish the post in one of the compatibility view. It's very taxing and annoying. It took me several tries to finally publish one post. Ugh!

Anyway, I now changed browser...only for blogger. I still like using IE for browsing since I'm used to it already. I'm hoping the non-Beta version will be a lot better and won't give me the headaches like its Beta version.

Now I no longer have the energy to post anything anymore because my energy was all drained from figuring out which view I should be using to do something in my post. Sigh...I better call it a day before my brain start bleeding from all this thinking....


Ciela said…
Too bad, I have no idea what you're talking about Huling! Lol! Every time something wrong would pop up on my screen, I'd freak out and would call everyone to rescue me! Ang kaso lang, may kanya-kanyang pinagkaka-busy-han
ang mga tao kaya I'm always left alone to deal whatever lappy trouble comes up. If I can't solve on my own, iwan ko sya haggang may maawa! ha ha..
Buti ka pa laging to the rescue si McGyver!

Malamig pa ba dyan? Dito sobrang lamig na din? Parang Baguio na eh!

Have a nice day!

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