Get-Away in the Middle of Winter?

That seems to be the case because of the stress that the husband is having due to some difficult customer’s unreasonable demands. He is thinking [again] of probably taking ‘that’ much needed break we’ve been talking about for quite some time now. They still have some ‘deadlines’ to meet so we can’t really go far or be gone for long. It’s either we go some place within the state or to a neighboring state that I haven’t been to. He mentioned about checking out the different resorts in Myrtle Beach because he has been in that part of the country some years ago and he kinda’ liked it. It’s out of the state but near enough that we don’t need to spend the little time off work he can get traveling.

I’m not too keen about traveling at this time of the year actually. I’d rather stay home and stay warm but the husband needs a break so we MAY just take that trip one of these days. I’ve checked some websites like to see what they have at this time of the year. We really have no agenda or anything for this quick get-away, it’s just that…a get-away. I think the man of the house is getting a little burned out with all the hours he’s been putting in at his small business.

Right now, I’m just hoping I’ll find a great Myrtle Beach hotel so that if the weather is way too cold for me to head out, I can just spend my day getting warm and cozy in our hotel room. What a plan, eh? I'm also hoping that we find a resort that offers a lot of activities especially for kids. As it is we don't really travel much so when we do, we want the little one to at least enjoy the trip no matter how short it is.


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