Online Trading


The husband has always been interested in stocks. He tries to follow certain stocks but it’s only lately that he started Online Trading. He does not have a lot of time to spend in front of the computer to follow the stocks he’s watching so he’s been bugging me to start doing it. Why me? What do I know about Stock Trading? Nothing. Nada. None. But he’s certain I’ll be able to learn how to do it in no time. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m a very cautious person when it comes to money so I’m not sure if I’ll be good at stock trading since it involves money…and lots of it sometimes.

To further convince me to give this new adventure of his a try, he installed this little widget on my computer so I can watch the stocks that he’s been watching himself. I think he even has something installed in his cellphone so he can do Mobile Trading whenever he wants to. I know he’s not going crazy trading as of yet but I won’t be surprised if he starts doing this more and more. He’s even talking about switching his IRA accounts to an Online Broker so he can start doing it with some of the retirement money. Oh boy… I guess I should start taking him seriously and start learning the ropes of this stock trading. At least I’d be able to talk to him about it in case he gets way too involved into it.


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