Villas in Italy

Dreaming is free so dream big! we go! One big dream that I am hoping will be realized one day is going on a trip to Europe. It’s been a much anticipated trip for me because it’s been in my ‘life’s agenda’ since who knows when. Europe is big but Italy is on top of my list for this ‘dream’ trip. I have a few friends out there who send me invites all the time but if ever we get the chance to visit that country, I would love to stay in one of the villas in Italy instead of shacking up with friends. It would be great to spend time with them but we can do that without me being a burden. Besides, I want to be in my own space when I’m on vacation. I want to do things in my own time and convenience.

If Italy is on top of my list for a European escapade, hubby also has some places he wants to visit if and when we get the chance to go. He wants to go to Belgium and Cyprus. In Belgium, I have a commitment to meet up with a really good friend. I was supposed to attend her wedding back in 2001 but due to some unforeseen event [my surprise wedding], I wasn’t able to make it. To make up for it, I promised her we will visit her and her family first chance we get. So if we’re ever in that country, I have no choice but to stay with her. In Cyprus on the other hand, we’d probably stay in a hotel or in one of the famous villas in Cyprus since I know nothing and nobody in this country. Italy, Belgium and Cyprus are only 3 of the places I can think of right now that we may want to visit on a European escapade.

I’m pretty sure the husband has more places in mind but I better stop thinking about it now. Like I said, this is just a ‘dream vacation’…hopefully, it’s going to come true one of these days.


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