Wrong Timing

I just got off the phoe after a lengthy conversation with my older brother who is turning a year older. In a couple of days I will have to call again because it's my sister's birthday as well. My long distance bill will go through the roof again. But that's okay since I only get to talk to them for longer periods of time on special occasions such as birthdays. Anyway, my brother's birthday is kinda' bitter sweet to him. He's happy he's celebrating another birthday but something they've been working on for a few months now fell through. They've been planning in buying a house that they really like and it seemed everything was already in place a couple of weeks ago when I chatted with him online. He was very excited then that he even asked me to look for hot tub covers here and send him one when I get the chance. I was actually surprised of that since I didn't know the house has a hot tub in it but it does and he really likes that feature of the property. He was also ready to hire a landscaper because the yard of the property has been neglected. I could sense then how excited he was so I was surprised when he told me on the phone earlier not to look for that tub cover anymore because the negotiation fell through. He's really sad about the turn of events but he believes the house may not be for them. I just wish it happened on a different day and not so near to his birthday. But such is life...we just need to roll with the punches.


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