Who Would Have Thought???


It’s no secret that I met my husband online. Or is it? LOL…actually, it was a secret at first to my family but I eventually told them…after we got married. We have been married for more than 7 years now and we’re still going strong, of course. That being said, I was probably one of the biggest non-believer when it comes to internet dating. But a very good friend one day surprised me when she told me she was getting married…to a guy she met online! I was floored to say the least. So I went online and checked on those places they call ‘dating sites’. And like they say, the rest is history.

Because of my successful online love story, I get asked a lot of times by my single friends on what to do. Honestly, I really can’t tell them anything specific. I just tell them to try their luck online but with a lot of caution. Today, they can search for free on dating sites like True.com. Sign Up is F-R-E-E so there's nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain. That’s what I did. I searched and searched and found the one I’ve been looking for. Who would have thought that after being heartbroken so many times I’d finally meet my match online? I didn’t and that’s for sure.


Nova said…
hahaha... really... nahhh.. di ko na tinagu sa family ko lahat2x kung saan at papano kami nagkakilanlan nitong asawa ko...

lovely page.. its time to upgrade huh....since when pa ito? sori i never get the chance to visit you that often.. but i'm trying....

i like it alot... *wink*
Elow! Oh yeah internet dating is so cool, especially for people like me na walang social life hehehe (palagi lang ako nasa bahay).

Anyway nice renovations! Love the new blog design. Have a great Thanksgiving Day!
Ciela said…
You're fortunate to have met the right man and very blessed to be given a very beautiful daughter! Others are not as fortunate as you are online.

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