Late Post...

Just thought I'd post a late one before hitting the hay. Today had been the coldest so far. We hit the 30s in the morning. We saw some frost in the grass in our front yard when we sent the husband off. Unfortunately, the little one couldn't enjoy it because she's still nursing a cold. So she just looked out the window in's her first time to see frost in person.

The husband went out of town today, well, more like out of state. He flew to North Carolina early this morning and flew back home about an hour ago. Yep, it's a round-trip. Not good since his ears don't pop until after a few days [even weeks sometimes]. That means we have a half-deaf man walking in the house...LOL.

You would think he was gone for a month if you look at how excited the little one was when Dad got in the door. She's still not at her best but she was jumping up and down. Daddy got her this cute pink shirt at the NC airport. The shirt says: North Carolina Diva...

That's our day in a nut shell. Now it's time for me to sign off as I've been sleep deprived for the last few days. That's the joys of motherhood. Actually, I just worry more than I should so I wake up [if I even get to sleep] everytime I hear a movement in the little one's bedroom. As a result, I have been a walking zombie the past couple of days.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day! I surely hope so.


hello walking zombie! hahaha! Bakit naman ako alien? Hindi ko ma-gets bwahahaha! Ang slow ko naman noh?

Oooh... -30 degrees celsius?! Gosh, -6 na nga sumasakit nah ang ulo ko sa labas, -30 or lower pa kaya?

Hope your little one gets better soon. Have a good one! ^_^
Ciela said…
You're starting to have some snow around? How exciting!

North Carolina Diva... really fits the future Diva! Galing ni Daddy pumili!

Sleep tight and sweet dreams, J!
Shimumsy said…
good morning. up na pala and badge ko dito.

this weather is so odd this year. i hope we wont have a white halloween tomorrow.
Nova said…
good thing sunny day na kami here... kasi we got snow for 2 days...and its a bit cold outside.. kahit na di ako lumalabas, though i enjoyed the plunging snow... hthehehe
Utah Mommy said…
Oh yeah mommy J halloween will be tomorrow night i guess or probably by Saturday. My little one is excited for his new halloween costume.
i am still alive mommy J. i am just a little "not" always online mode. so might as well take some time off for awhile.

anyway, your hubby sure knows how to pick the right one for you. he knows a diva when he sees one.

as for the little one, im sure it would be exciting always to see snow forming around. i wish i could see one too!

hope you are ok...take care always!! love and missed yeah so much!

mommy r
is nov.1 your natal groove?

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