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I had a tiring day today. While the little one was biking in the driveway, I decided to pull some weeds in our weed...err...flower bed. I didn't plan in doing that but I got bored just watching her bike around. Well, as soon as I started I couldn't stop. So I was able to pull out all the weeds...and it took me about 3 hours to do that.

As expected, I am all sore right now from bending and pulling...even my fingers are sore. Oh well, I needed to breathe some fresh air anyway, so it's ok.

As soon as she finished biking, the little one got busy doing her "detective work"... complete with a magnifying glass. She tried to catch some bugs and put them under her magnifying glass to "study" them. I asked her to count the legs and check the body parts so she'll learn something while I'm busting my bee-hind. She enjoyed doing that even if she freaks out everytime the bug moves.

Anyway, like I mentioned in my post yesterday, a turtle visited us on Monday. That was not first one we saw here in our place. A few weeks before we moved in, we found this baby turtle by our front door. It was scared so we barely saw its head come out from under the shell.

Here's the little one watching it....and waiting for its head to pop out but it didn't...

And here's the little one on Monday walking with/ following the turtle around.

It looks like she's walking a pet, eh? LOL...


mimi11460 said…
Hi Julie musta na paganda ng paganda ang anak mo..Happy Thursday..
Ritchiela Anyi said…
ay ang cute nila may bumisita...

Cute din ni little one hehe..Erica is getting prettier everyday!
That's a big turtle! Ang cute, parang pet niya :) Hope you didn't get too sore :)

By the way, everything's okay now - with my family.

Merydith said…
The turtle and your baby girl Jul look so adorable together.
Utah Mommy said…
Your little one and the turtle looks so cute.
she sure is a cutie and she will be very beautiful i am sure when she becomes a lady.I longed to have a little girl and finally got it but unfortunately lost her.

Anyway, i thank you so much for taking time to read my entry and left some warm thoughts that i truly appreciate. Thank you so much again and God bless, enjoy the rest of your week Mommy J!
Cielo said…
your daughter must have found a new found friend and pet in this turtle....Heaven sent yan...out of nowhere it just pop in your backyard...to visit your little princess :)
Sunshine4Life said…
what a cute pet she's having!

btw, miss your visits :)

got sth for u here:

happy Sunday!
Jona said…
whoa! i didn't think it's as big as that hehe :D
...your girl's growing prettier :)
what happened to those turtles na? you adopted them?
texas_sweetie said…
hi Mizz J.. tagal kong hindi napadaan dito. missed ko na reading sa posts niyo. kumusta na? parang busy ka ata ah!

wow swerti niyo kasi may free pet na kayo lalong lalo na si little one at pagong pa!

napadaan lang pow si ako!
Simply_Haze said…
ay ang cute naman may bumisita sa inyo palagi, hehehe. So, busy ka pala nananggal ng weeds. Curious pala baby girl mo sa mga creepy crawlies. Cool pics.....

Musta na Mami Juls?

Sorry ngayon lang ako ka bisita ulit, na busy kc byuti ni Lola hehehe.

Cg, ec dropping din ngayon lang balik ng Connection sa lappy ko kaya ngaun lang din naka EC dropping.

Cg regards and ingat always.
Cathy said…
I was doing the same thing last weekend Mama J. Uh, it was tiring. My right arm is still sore. Oh well, it had to be done.

You're angel is so cute!

We armadillo and opposum in our backyard.

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