Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!


A lot of my regular visitors here complimented my new 'look'...or 'do' as I like to call it. As much as I would like to take credit for it, I won't...hehe. I mentioned in one of my posts that the talented Cathy of My Design Workbench did it for me and I cannot be any happier.

A few had already asked me about the pricing of her creations. Just visit her website and clicked 'Custom Design Pricing' and voila...it will come up.

Guess what though? You can actually get a F-R-E-E Custom Design by her. How? By joining her very first contest ever! Why is she having a contest??? You have to visit her site to know....it has something to do with something [more like 'someone'] that starts with a B...and ends with a Y!

Here's "the how" and "the what"to win...


My Design Workbench

How would you like to have a custom design of your blog by me, FOR FREE? Have you long to change the colors but just could not figure out which would work best? How about the style, three columns? Two columns? How to do this? How to do that?

Well, leave to it to me honey! All you have to do is spread the word and on Nov 10th I’ll announce the lucky ones. But wait, you have to comment with the link of the post you made. I will assure you that I will check and comment on your post. So get it on!

Prices are:

First Prize:

Custom Design of Your Blog with:
- customized header
- either three or two columns
- 125x125 Entrecard/Grab-Link To Me logo with code
- a mini-digi scrap of your photo posted on the page
- any special request

{This comes with installation too providing I would have to login as you in your account so the work can be done.}

Note: First Prize is open to account with BLOGGERS only.

Second Prize:

- customized header
- 125x125 Entrecard/Grab-Link To Me logo with code

{No installation required but you have to provide me the exact size of your header before hand}

Third Prize:

- $8.00 cash transferred to your Paypal account


- $5.00 cash transferred to your Paypal account


- a 125x125 Entrecard logo (excluding code)

Thanks for taking the opportunity and GOOD LUCK!


Unknown said…
Thanks for posting Jul. I appreciate it much. Hey if you need something changed, let me know.

Again, thank you so much.
Ciela said…
I wanna join Cathy's contest hoping I'll win! Thanks J. Take care always!
Cielo said…
Hi sis, nice layout sis....naging modern pinay ang dating
BongFlo said…
hi juls! talagang masama sa loob ko na napalo ko anak ko... somehow i do feel that we have to let them know that when they cross the line there will be consequences and part of the consequence is their responsibility for their actions. naintindihan naman niya bakit siya napalo, i just explained further that it was the deed that i was so mad about and not him as a person. i just feel bad that i had to spank him. tell me, is their any other way we parents can deal with our children if and when they do cross the line. maraming salamat sa pagbisita at sa comments mo. have a nice day! ciao!
bluedreamer27 said…
wow thats great gheeh can i join here ... all i have to do is to post about this contest ?

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