Go and Multiply....

That's what the Bug Fairy said to its constituents....so they did! The bug started with the little one and lingered for a few days. After much fussin' and carin' and sleepless nights, the bug seemed to have left her tiny little body...only to go to a much bigger, healthier [fatter? chubbier?] one. The husband's!

The husband was doing his usual routine at work yesterday. Quoting some jobs and tinkering on the computer. All of sudden he felt that little itch on his throat....yep, the pesky bug found him....all the way to his place of work. Well, maybe not. I think they took a ride with him on his way to work yesterday morning. He was fine when I spoke with him at lunch time. It was when he called to tell me he was on his way home that he mentioned that his throat just started hurting...just like that. No warning whatsoever. Like a flick of a finger [or the Bug Fairy's wand, maybe], he now has the bug!..and it's Halloween.

The little one is up and about already. No more sniffles...just a few sudden coughs every once in a while. She's excited because she'll be able to go 'trick or treatin'...or will she? With that bug riding on her Dad's throat right now, I'm not sure we will be able to. Nah, I'm sure we will...he's a tough guy. He has to be, right?


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