Searching for the "Unknown"...


Yesterday, we decided to go out and shop for things we still need for the house. We got the things we wanted and they will be delivered in the coming days. On Saturday, our day was spent at home. A good friend is going through a break up so we were on the phone the whole morning. She’s really brokenhearted because they already planned for the wedding and all. Then this happened so she was bawling while we’re talking. I finally convinced her to rest and to try to get some sleep. As soon as we got off the phone, the husband decided to cut the grass while I pulled weeds and the little one picked up dry leaves. We were out for a few hours. When we came back in the house, I had a couple of missed calls. I checked who the calls were from but to my dismay I couldn’t as one said “Out of Area” while the other was “Unknown Caller”. Now, I don’t get that many calls so it bugs when I have no idea whose calls I missed. The husband suggested that we do a reverse phone lookup already. Caller Base offers such service. I like the fact that by using this site we can do a search on our callers without them knowing it. Hey, if these callers want to be anonymous when calling us, we also want to remain anonymous while searching for them, right? Ha!


honey said…
hahaa..tama po kayo yan!
OOh so true! I'm actually happy that we have caller ID so I can screen who the caller is but there are times when there are calls from Private Numbers and they keep calling us. Maybe it's the bank trying to sell their insurance plans.

Anyway, hey i do blog! well sometimes hahaha! Yeah I've been in a blogging coma (phrase borrowed from Ate Ruthi) hehehe.

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