Office Make-Over

That's what my husband's small business' office needs. They've been in business for almost 3 years now but their office is so bare. They bought a lot of things for their business except for one furniture. I can understand their reason why this is not a priority to them. Most of their time is spent in the shop anyway so they really don't need office furniture. But that is no longer the case. Recently, they started getting visitors, potential customers, in their place. The room that they call 'office' has nothing but a couple of computer tables and chairs. I wonder where those visitors stayed [or sat] during their visit. Hmmm...the floor maybe? I hope not! Not good for business, right? After the last visit, hubby and his partner finally decided to start looking for things they need for their office, not just furniture but some decorations as well. Cool! They are still looking and I am just too happy to assist. That office really needs a make-over, big time!


BongFlo said…
hi juls! yup, any office would need a woman's touch for it to have a little bit of that "homey" feeling. visiting this saturday afternoon. ciao!
Cheryl's Office said…
I agree with your view. Innovation and creativity are clearly the by-products of the work environment you place yourself in each day. You can easily save up to 70% on new office furniture if you shop around. Thanks for the insight.

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