Wet Week...


Yep, it's been raining here everyday since early this week. It hasn't rained in a while so I guess we need it. Needless to say the grass is wet so no walking outside for us.

Because of this rain the little one has not been biking since it's usually wet on the driveway. Today is pretty dry though when we woke up so she might be able to bike a little later on....that is if she can finish the things she needs to finish...and if it doesn't rain anytime soon.

As for me, I'm still busy with work, work, work. I took a little break this morning paid work and vacuumed since our carpet looks like c...p already...hehe. I am also doing some laundry while typing away here.

It's only 11 AM here and I'm already tired...sigh!!! Does anybody out there want to come help me?


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