It's O-V-E-R!

Another weekend I mean. It went by fast, didn't it? We didn't do anything special over the weekend. We were supposed to go out today and find some stuff for the little one's Halloween costume but we weren't able to.

The husband had an 11:30 AM appointment. The wife had all day appointment with....her allergies! Yep, the allergy was in full force for the most part today. It's under control it seems anyway. I am blaming the change in the weather. Whenever it changes from hot to a bit cold or vice versa, expect me to be on allergy alert. The temperature here is what's considered as really nice though.

Anyway, since I didn't feel like going out I just asked the husband to find [by himself] what we still need for the little one's costume while the little one and I stayed home.

That's basically how our Sunday went. How about yours?


yon nga eh, first thing on a monday morning nakiki-chicka na sa blog mo. tama ba yon? =)

it's fall and you still have allergies? what are your allergens? can't be pollen since pang spring lang yon.
Ciela said…
¡Hola J! ¿Usted no dice español? ¡Yo también! Hi hi! .. I said, Hello J! You don't speak spanish? Me too! Wla n kasi sa generation m ung spanish subjects sa college eh. Ako umabot pa.(nabulgar na tuloy ang age. he he) Pero konti lang naman ang natandaan ko. Inabutan naman ng dementia! Aray koh!

Here's praying that you'll get over with your allergies soon. Ang beauty, ingatan! Take care and see you again!
BongFlo said…
hello juls! mine was a working weekend. yup, no rest for me... plus did the cooking yesterday on my second boy's bday celebration. today, (monday) is his actual birthday but decided to celebrate it yesterday. pinagluto ko lang ng konti because he requested that i cook for him his favorites... spaghetti, grilled pork liempo (belly)and kinilaw na isda. just added pata tim and stir fried tenderloin tips in oyster sauce. there were no guests, strictly a family affair with their lolo and lola from the wifey's side of the family. anyway, tired, tired pa din ang feeling. what a way to start a monday. week's just about started and i'm tired already. anyway, thanks for the visit and have a blessed week ahead... btw, how's the allergy? why don't you have it detoxified, if you know what causes it. ciao!
Unknown said…
Mine went flying too. It started beautiful, soft breeze outside and cooler. I sat out there for a while and enjoyed the morning breeze.

Sorry about your allergies. Mine is usually in the early spring.

Have a great week ahead!

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