Thursday, October 16, 2008

She's 'Editing'....

Our little one is! Let me explain further...

During her break time, she was watching this TV show in the Disney Channel . I think the show is originally from England so the characters speak, ummm English.

The little one usually activates the 'subtitles' on the TV when she's watching because she wants to catch everything the characters are saying.

Well, in that English show today she caught at least 2 words that were not correctly captured in the subtitle. She said the character on the show said: time'...and the subtitle said: term. I just said okay so she kept on watching. Time and Term...what's the difference anyway? a letter? LOL. All was well until the second wrong word came on. The character said: Lady 'bug'. The subtitle had: Lady 'bird'. Ugh!

So now I have to explain to her that sometimes they just type it wrong. It would have been fine until I printed this lesson about "Insects & Spiders". She caught something there again...aarrghh.

The paper said:

The spiderling sheds it skin by climbing out.

Now I didn't even catch what she said was wrong at first glance. So she said: It should be:

The spiderling sheds its skin by climbing out.

And she's right...of course. So now there's that tiny little penciled 's' in her insect lesson papers. LOL! Well, it looks like I'm raising a future editor here, eh? And I thought I'm raising a future actress / singer /dancer /performer /entertainer /doctor...etc etc....


Dezz said...

Your daughter is so cute Mommy Wahm.
I wish may daughter din ako hehe..
Anyway, glad to hear from you again.
Pictures from the trip super dami. Ina-upload pa 2 weeks was not enough.
About sa left over hehe sabi ni dear hubby iipit ko daw sa box when I send some for xmas. Not sure if it is a good idea. For sure, I don't want to change sa dollar hihi.

Have a good evening po.

tc always,

Ciela said...

Hay naku! I'm not surprised at all kung bakit ganyan si little cutie mo. E san pa ba naman magmamana, di kay mommy!

Ciela said...

Hi, J! I'm back only to make clear my previous comment. Am not surprised at all kung bakit "ganyan" as in katalino, kaganda, kahusay kumanta and everything pa si little cutie! Pero wag na lahat galing sa 'yo ha?! Kasi pogi din si Daddy eh. (Lol!)

Nelle said...

Ate J, you do have one smart beautiful little girl. hehe..
kamusta naman ate J?? I love love the new look of your blog. Kala ko naligaw ako the other day e, nag iba kasi layout mo. hihi..
take care ate J.

--- Nelle

DebbieDana said...

Hi Juliana!

Still so young, and yet, marunong na ha! Hmmmmm, mana sa nanay? But I know you're very very proud of her! :)

Thanks for your comment nga pala... My little boy is better na, thanks alot for asking... He's back to being "raging bull" hehe

Unknown said...

She's smart as mommy of course! Lol, kakatawa naman anak mo. Very cute!

Angel in the Sickroom said...

Oh my gad! I didn't even notice na may mali pala sa first sentence until I read the correction. Galing naman nang daughter mo!

twinks said...

Naku po! meron ng tatalo kay Mommy pagdating sa smartness..hehehe
She's one smart girl, for sure she got it from where? who? lol!

Take care!

JonaBQ said...

wow! talented na smart pa...katuwa naman :D

blessedmom said...

wow mommy! ur lil girl is so smart! im totally impressed! of course, mana sa mommy, galing na teacher ni mommy ha! :)


L-O-S-T. I guess that about sums up how I'm feeling right now...with blogging anyway. I don't even know how to start this post. 😕...