Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Anybody home? Oh wait, this is my home! LOL....whew! It's been days since I last posted here. I just can't find the time to write here as much as I used [& want] to. I've been so busy lately I can barely get up from my chair.

Let me take this chance to thank those who have been visiting me consistently here in my humble abode...err blog. I try to do 'hit backs' as much as I can. But I can only do that if I know that you've been here. So if you happen to drop by...please leave me a shout out in my Cbox so I know that you came to visit. The best I can do right now is just to visit back.

With that, let me wish all of you a good day! I hope your week is going great!


MGC27 said...

Nice new look on your site. Its been a while ah. Nanganak na pala ako.

Nelle said...

Hello ate J! Busy ka nga! hehe..
ako din medyo busy kaya walang blog hop as in. Nandito pa kasi si mother at marami kaming inaasikaso. anyways, take care ate j. :) miss u

Anonymous said...

hi dear!

i just got back to blogging, so i know the feeling. at least you were off for only a few days, i have been off for about 2 months!

anyway, i am 4 months pregnant now and getting used to it.

and if you need some inspiration, do visit my other blog,

take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Juliana! I love the new look! I haven't been so prolific in writing too - been busy family bonding lately :D

Nice to see you're enjoying yourself!


Ciela said...

Wow, your busy as a bee yet managing to keep this blog always updated. Believe talaga ako sa 'yo!

I've been quite busy too this last few days. Just arrived home from a picnic and feeling dead tired. But doing some blog hopping first.

See yah again, J!

Utah Mommy said...

Was here Mommy J to visit you and hoping you are well and so as your family. God bless!


L-O-S-T. I guess that about sums up how I'm feeling right now...with blogging anyway. I don't even know how to start this post. 😕...