Cold Weather = Sniffles

Last Friday, the little one complained about sore throat. Since the Daddy was going grocery shopping, I asked him to get something to help soothe the little one's throat. He got something alright....3 different kinds. They provide relief but not cure of course but we'd rather have that than see her uncomfortable.

Anyway, aside from sore throat, she now has a full blown cold. She's coughing every now and then but I'm hoping that it won't get worse. She woke me up last night saying: "I just want my Mommy here." Sigh. So I stayed with her until about 1:30 AM. It took a while before she finally went back to sleep but she did. That was the only time I was able to go back to our bedroom to sleep.

I am quite tired right now because of that. The little one is watching some TV. She did some of her school work earlier though. She said she's feeling okay but I can hear her sneeze and cough occasionally.

Hoping she'll be ready for the "Trick & Treat" on Friday evening. She's been very excited about and I don't want her to miss it.

Last year, she went as "Jojo Circus"! Here she was in her costume & in action:

This year? She'll be "somebody else" but I won't say it for now.


oh that is a neat costume! there are ready made costumes available here now, but not they're not really "great". kaya i always end up having one made for ethan
Lynn said…
my little one had sniffles too two days ago. we have occasional rain showers kasi here.

musta na sis? :)
Unknown said…
Our weather is somewhat awful. It's 50 degrees today and the next day it's 80. I'm congested in teh morning due to my allergies and that includes morning sickness. Ugh!

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