Still Looking....

Yep, we’re still looking for that one perfect wide screen TV. Now, I love my husband but his being so picky with things sometimes drives me nuts. Let’s take this TV for example. He said not too long ago that he already has ‘the one’ picked out. Great! Not! He keeps changing his mind. He started wanting a plasma TV. Now he wants an LCD HDTV instead. Hmmm….I wonder what it will be tomorrow. Maybe will stay with what we have right now huh? He’s lucky he has a patient wife in me…and I’m just glad he didn’t take this long for him to ask me to marry him. LOL….


Unknown said…
Yung akin naman Jul, kuripot. He's been wanting one for a while now but didn't want to spend the money. We'll have to eventually since my little is starting to climb up the entertainment center and I said we have to get rid of it.

Meanwhile, I hope your hubby will make his mind eventually. You are very patient. :)

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