Germ Hotbeds??

How about your TV remote and doorknobs? This is what a new study revealed. Ha! The little one has the sniffles right now. I guess I have to watch out for that remote then, eh? Not the refrigerator door though because she rarely opens the fridge. Not the doorknob either because we rarely go out of the house.

Anywhooo, we had an early start today. Dad left later than usual...around 7 AM because he has to catch a flight instead of going to his shop. He normally leaves for work about 5 AM everyday. Today he's flying to North Carolina so he's going straight to the airport. It's a round trip though since he'll be flying back tonight. He hates flying not because he's scared of it. His ears don't pop. And you know what that means...he's going to be deaf [and uncomfortable] for the next week or so. Hay....

The little one is watching TV right now which is unusual. We don't let her watch before 10 AM even on weekends. But because of her present predicament...sniffles and all that go with it, I'm letting her. I will be asking her to stop watching in a few though because I want her to catch a few winks because she's been awake since 6 AM.

Me? I'm sleepy of course. What else is new, right? I don't think I've slept for a total of 8 hours since she started having colds. I'd probably be laying in bed in a few here myself . It's in the 30s here by the way so it's very cold. The grass is actually frosty outside. How did that happen??? We're in the Sunshine state for crying out loud. Oh well...I guess there's always a first time....


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