Family Biking Time....


It’s already fall. Mornings and evenings are getting a wee bit cooler now. Aside from that, our backyard is filled of dried oak leaves…from our neighbor’s tree. Ugh! The husband hates it so much because we have to pick them up with no end in sight. Anyway, it has also been raining a lot lately. So the little one can only bike on days when it’s dry…like last weekend. It's so nice to bike now because it's not too hot out there. So while she was biking last weekend, I told the husband that maybe we should go ahead and start biking ourselves like we have been planning forever. I told him that we should probably start looking for cruiser bikes online and see if we can buy our bikes already. Of course the husband agreed so now I’m busy looking the perfect bikes for us. It’s about time! I cannot wait to have our family biking time.


BongFlo said…
for me biking is the best form of aerobic exercise, you might not notice it but everything moves when your atop a bike. ganda pang-tone ng leg muscles, hips and butt. not to mention the tremendous cardio and pulmo activity it gives. just make sure that your seat is well adjusted to your height.
Micawatson said…
Best exercise... my husband need to put air in my bike tire that I can ride again,lol

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