Photo Calendar

What a morning I had again. I was busy finishing some work when my internet connection suddenly went kaput. I didn’t see it coming. The software I was using just kept on getting error that I had to shut down my computer. I called customer service to ask what was happening. Surprise, surprise…another outage in our area which the CS said would last for 3 hours! Geez! I had work left hanging but what can I do, right? So what did I do in those 3 hours? Clean, clean and clean!

When I finished cleaning and while waiting for my connection to come back, I was also able to finally gather some pictures that I will be sending to my family back home. The little one has been bugging me to do that for a week now since she wants to write her aunt a letter already. While gathering the pictures, I suddenly had an idea on what I can send my sister for Christmas…a Photo Calendar. She works in the church and she always has a calendar on her desk where she writes schedules for different church activities and occasions.

So now I'm looking at the different photo cards at Vista Print. They have quite a few choices that I like. My sister will surely love to get this in the mail. At least with a personalized calendar, she would have something useful that has a personal touch to it, eh? I may even get one for the husband and shoot 2 birds with one stone. Ha! I better start with this project of mine before my internet connection goes kaput on me again.


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