It's Up!

Our little Christmas tree is finally up. Took some time off from my online 'duties' and pulled it out of the garage over the weekend. I just set it up and let the little one do the decorating herself since she's the one who's really eager to have it up.

As you can see, she not only decorated the tree but herself as well. If anyone needs a 'reindeer helper' in decorating a Christmas tree, give us a holler, maybe we can send our little reindeer over to help you out.

I've been so busy lately that I don't know what to do with myself sometimes. Just this morning, I probably got about a hundred email alerts...all concerning, yes, work. For months, I haven't had an allergy attack but this weekend, I had a bad one. I know the culprit. I've been going to bed after midnight. I am just like Cinderella I guess. The difference is, I turn into a sneezing princess if I don't sleep before midnight. Ha! Aside from the allergy attack, my sleeping late will probably make me use wrinkle cream to make sure those unsightly fine and not-s0 fine lines don't make their appearance because of the lack of sleep.

I better get going before I get more email alerts! Have a good week everyone!


Jane said…
she is so cute... my goodness... mga bata nga naman. How old is she Jules?
Ciela said…
E has really grown a lot. Lapit na syang kasing taas ng xmas tree nya. Getting more and more beautiful every xmas photo session!

I guess, it's sneezing season talaga. I'm presently being attacked by endless sneezes and serious runny nose. Hay.. hirap 'no?
J said…
may dalaginding ka na Tuks. next year, kasing taas na niya ang tree ninyo.

been busy caring for the sick. kakabalik lang niya to work today.
DebbieDana said…
Naku, your little one is not little anymore! She's growing pretty fast ha! I like her reindeer cute! And ofcourse, she's sooooooooo beautiful!

And yes, I won't miss the christmas tree, hehe! Cute din! :)

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