Another Week...another Year!


I can't believe it's almost the new year. Are you ready to welcome 2010 yet? I guess ready or not we have no choice but to welcome it, right? Unlike last year, I am not going to have a new year's resolution. Only some wishes and hopes....

My primary wish is to keep my family safe and healthy because nothing is more important to me than a healthy family.

As for my secondary wishes...let me start with a wish that our other house will have a buyer next year. The house has been in the market for almost 2 yrs and it's in good condition although hubby is planning in fixing the sinks and replacing the American Standard toilets with new ones in both bathrooms as some kind of an upgrade to make it more attractive to buyers. We have had some people interested in buying it but things didn't work out mostly on their part so nothing materialized. There was even a guy who lived in the house for a month while waiting for his papers to go through but his credit didn't allow that to happen so he moved out. My brother in law has a friend who is very interested in buying it but they're still busy to come down here to take a look at the house. Hopefully they can come down early next year to look at it.

As for my other wishes...nothing major or life changing. Just some simple things like this little thing called 'driving' and another little thing called 'dieting'. We'll see. For now, I'm just wishing I'm still in bed sleeping. Tee hee....


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