SLOW Motion....


That's how everything is today... to me anyway. I'm also a wee bit tired and I have no idea why. Well maybe I do...after 'holiday' effect...

Work has slowed down already so there's nothing much to do. Actually it slowed down just in time for the holidays. I am not sure if we will have more work released but I am hopeful. We really had it going there for a few weeks and I'm crossing my fingers the year 2010 will bring in more work for us.

The weather has been pretty consistent since a week ago. It's been in the 50s & 60s mostly and I think that will last through this week with a little rain in the forecast. No worries because our mighty heater is on so it's a toasty 75F inside the house. The hubby doesn't like it that warm but no choice because the wife gets bad allergy when the temperature is below 70s. He'd rather have the warm feel in the house over my non-stop sneezing, sniffling and everything that goes with my allergy attacks.

That's my Monday so far. I better start moving before I fall asleep on my keyboard...


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