I had the 'dreaded' lab work this past Monday. I don't like needles so yes, it's something I'm not looking forward to but it has to be done. I've been to this particular Quest Diagnostics Lab several times already. We've tried going on different times [schedules] to see which time of the day there's less patients/customers. Well, there's none. It's always full of people. Everytime I go there I can't help but be amazed how many people actually get their blood work done.

Anyway, that's not what I'm writing about. The last few times I went in for my blood work [before this last one], the phlebotomist [different ones btw] only poked me once and we're done. Not the one I had last Monday. She stood there feeling [locating?] for a good vein on my left arm to draw the blood from. I could tell she's not finding it so I was expecting that she'd try my other arm. Nope. She still put the needle right where she said there's no good vein, whatever that means. And what do you blood came out. DUH! Pulled the needle out and went to my right arm and tried her luck there. She's still mumbling that she couldn't find a good vein...and she still poked it. Fortunately, blood came out this time. If that second attempt was not successful, she'd probably hear something from me. So yes, she's lucky...tee hee...

So here I am three days later with a bruised right arm and a little red spot on my left. Did I tell you I hate needles?


J said…
was she using vacutainer or the traditional needle and tube? sana ako na lang nag draw ng blood hehe. if I was the patient there, she would have heard from me. if there is no visible vein, it is useless to insert the needle, di ba simple lang yun? hala, at ang pagiging med tech ko ay unmiiral na.

early ako today. I'm waiting for my laundry from the dryer. I woke up a little early kahit late to bed na naman ako kasi I want to get done early.

mga Santa nagkalat sa siyudad and I think they must have been paid probably by the city in an effort to make the place more festive, for commercial purposes siyempre.
nyay. i look forward to those "needleworks" as much as i look forward to anal exams and pap smears. yikes.adik naman ung phlebotomist na yun. OJT plng sya? hee hee. anyways, i hope your arm feels and looks better soon :)
bluedreamer27 said…
oh hopefully it will get well so soon
J said…
it's frigid dito. I'm just back from my Derma. the place was packed as usual with patients. ewan ko ba at dahil vain mukhang mapapadalas ang dalaw ko doon.

sana oks na yung bruise mo.
Ciela said…
You're not sanay sa tusok ha? Ako namanhid na yata ang arms ko sa katutusok! Marami-rami na ring inaway na nurses, so far. he he..

I hope your arms are okay now.
Hello Ate J! I'm back from the blogging underworld LOL!

I really admire your patience. It's so rare to come along good natured people like you. But seriously, if alam niyang walang visible pain why try poking around for it when it would do you more harm... tsk tsk...

she's really lucky that you were the client. If it was another person she'll never see the end of day. LOL!
DebbieDana said…
I agree with Manang Juliana, ako din, pagsasalitan ko ung nurse or ung phlebotomist ( whatever ), ang sakit kaya nun, no!

Also, ako din, I super hate needles!


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