Lazy Me...


That's right! I just feel so lazy today [and yesterday and the day before]. It maybe because of the cool weather we've been having for the last few days or's just me. Or maybe it's just the holiday season. Whatever it is, I really don't care...or maybe I do. Hmmm....

I'm not totally idle though because I have laundry in the washer and I'm here blogging. I also just finished sending out virtual Christmas cards to close friends and family. So even at my state of laziness I am still able to accomplish something. Ha!

My blogging has really taken a back seat lately, as in way, way, way at the back. I guess it's not only me because when I did some random hopping, I noticed that a lot of the blogs I visited are not updated as much as they used to. It's actually good to know that people actually take time out from the virtual world to go back to the real world this time of year. As for me, I am still online even if it's not work related. Is a sales job search considered work related? I'm not searching for me though since I don't think I'll be any good in any sales related job. I'm just helping a good friend find something he can do in the near future. It seems sales is one of the few that have openings that's why I'm looking into it for him.

That's about it. Enjoy the holiday season everyone!


honey said…
Hi Ate J.. MErry Christmas to you and your Family.... :)

About the blog problem, thank you te for letting me know. I didn't blog no more so I weren't able to notice it. Your so sweet really... :D

I will try and fix it as I can. and if I can't I hope you will rescue me again.. ehehhe..

Misyah ate J... Kisses and Hugs to Erica..
J said…
just imagine being here in this miserable freezing weather at I'm sure you'll feel lazy all the more.

noche buena will be just us, here at home. Christmas day will be at my sister's. alam mo na mga Jewish, tapos na celebration nila sa Hanukkah kaya wala ng competition hahaha.

merry christmas from my household to yours!
Ritchelle said…
Kakatamad pagwalang gips....lalo na't sobrang lamig kaya ayun haha.

Maligayang pasko po sa inyong lahat. HAPPY 2010!!!!!

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