Our Christmas Story....

It was the night before Christmas and Santa's elf got busy wrapping up presents for a little one. It was tiring but it had to be done so as not to disappoint the little one who has been counting the days till Christmas with great anticipation. It was already late when elf got done with the job and decided to call it a night.

The elf was hopeful that she'll get at least a few hours of sleep. But boy was she wrong. A few hours after going to bed, she was awaken by noises, not by Santa, but by a very impatient little girl. It was exactly 4:12 in the morning and she wanted to check if Santa came by already. It was too dark to see so she went back to bed only to wake up again at 5 0'clock, then 6 o'clock...unknowingly waking up the elf each and everytime. When 7 o'clock struck, the elf was awaken again this time by a little poke letting her know it's Christmas day already!


Gorgeous MUM said…
It's fun to see the excitement on a child's eyes! Pretty E just could not wait! Hahaha!

I pity the lovely elf who only got a few hours sleep, but it's all worth it; seeing the joy that Santa brings!
blessedmom said…
hello mommy j! musta na? belated merry christmas to u and ur family :) pacencia na ngayon lang nakadalaw uli...nagbakasyon and nasa vacation mode pa rin ang Mommy hehe :) nyways, im sure u had a great Christmas with ur fam especially si lil one...super excited sa mga gifts! can't blame her...dami regalo eh! super happy ang pretty daughter mo for sure :)

take care always! God bless! have a happy new year! :)
J said…
the elf had to work hard hehe. tapos E must have just ripped open the wrappings kasi sobrang excited.ang mga bata nga naman nakaka-aliw. but you can't really knock them because di ba, Christmas is for them.

I can just see her smiling ear to ear as she opened each box.
Weng Zaballa said…
wow! dami naman gifts ni pretty E.

Advanced Happy New Year, mommy J!

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