Gloomy TGIF!


Weather-wise that is. It's no surprise that it's raining when I got up this morning because the weather people said that there's a 90% chance of rain today through the rest of the weekend. Can you tell we're going to have an exciting weekend? Ha! It's almost 11 AM here now but it doesn't look like it's almost mid-day because it's dark. The lights are on because we can barely see around the house. Maybe the little one and I can just crawl back under the sheets and pretend it's still night time? LOL. But we can't!

So here I am tinkering on my laptop searching for Anilox cleaner that I am 'ordered'...err...asked [requested, maybe?] to look for. I didn't even know what this cleaner is for until I started looking. It turns out that an Anilox roller is something that is used in printing and Anilox cleaner is used to clean this roller. Interesting huh? The husband does not need the cleaner himself. For some reasons, people in and around his business place seem to think that my husband can just provide them with sources and resources like magic. Being the good Samaritan [?] that he is, he would go out of his way to actually look for these things even if he's really busy. That's where I come in. Ugh! Oh well, I don't feel like working yet anyway so I gave in. Maybe I should start charging some kind of a fee for doing it, eh? least now I know what 'anilox' is...


Ciela said…
Naku.. kung ako ang nandyan,super tamad-tamaran na ako. Ang sarap matulog pag ganyan ka cool ang weather.
Dito, lumalamig naman pero sandali lang. Very warm pa rin during mid day.

Enjoy the weekend, J!
J said…
we're also rained out here. in fact, we canceled a dinner appointment with friends scheduled tonight kasi we didn't feel like driving out to Queens. besides, there's a chance of snow too tonight. kaya ayan, I woke up 3 hours ago hahaha. I crawled back in bed after we decided to cancel.

have a rain-free Sabado.
bluedreamer27 said…
hi mommy J... maganda sana ang umulan no kaso kapag sobra na ay nakakairita haha kasi hindi ka makalabas....
by the way i have smething for you in my site
it's a friendship award, thanks for being one of them
Have a great day.. here's the site
J said…
nasaan na ang tree? buti at you already have it up. syempre aliw ang chatterbox niyan.

F is a lot better na. kulang lang siguro sa tulog hahaha.
Ciela said…
Musta na? Christmas na ba dyan? Dito sa amin walang decor inside the house, only lights sa labas. Yung xmas tree ni E, nakatayo na ba?

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